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Scat, by Carl Hiaasen


by Carl Hiaasen

Review by Renee Vetter


Nick is a pretty much normal kid. Except for the fact that his dad is of fighting in a war zone in a different country. And don’t forget the fact that he has the meanest biology teacher EVER. One day his classes go on a field trip to the black vine swamp. When the hiking is cut short by a small wildfire, one of the kids loses her inhaler. Well, Nick’s biology teacher Bunny Starch goes to get the inhaler but she doesn’t come out of the fire. Will Nick find his teacher? Will anybody find Bunny Starch?
I really enjoyed this book mostly because it stayed on the topic of finding Bunny Starch the biology teacher. Carl HIaasen really puts a lot of thought into his books and all of the detail and little things. My two favorite characters in this book were Duane Scrod Jr. and Twilly Spree because these were characters who were kind of on the edge and uncontrollable by other characters.

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Matched, by Ally Condie

Matched by Ally Condie Reviewed by Reneé Vetter   Cassia is a normal and ordinary girl. Just like everyone in the society. She is on the airtrain on her way to her match banquet sitting with her best friend Xander. When they arrive, they eat such a wonderful feast they will never forget. The officials […]

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The Rose Society, by Marie Lu

The Rose Society by Marie Lu Reviewed by Emily Neumann   Adelina Amouteru has suffered from betrayal at the hands of her closest friends and chooses to seek a bitter revenge. Now know as the White Wolf, Adelina forms an army of powerful elites that will join her to destroy her former acquaintances. Hiding in […]

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