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The Sixth Man, by John Feinstein

the sixth manReview by J.J. Stoen

Have you ever been kept away from something you’ve been doing your whole life, just for believing something? Football, basketball, baseball… Alex is the triple threat, without a doubt, but this may be the most serious situation he may have in his lifetime.. Being a star at sports definitely has some advantages-and some disadvantages- you get the girls, may be popular, and you are strong. All of these are true, but what if you’re gay? Alex’s basketball team finally has the chance to win the conference title, when their star player, Max Bellotti, -who happens to be gay- gets injured. Alex, being a true friend, fights back from the inappropriate actions against Max decided by the board and the principal. Without Max on the court, Chester Heights has no chance of winning the title. It runs within two minutes of time between the game, when the final decision is made. Will Max play? Is this all because of his gay beliefs?

This book was much like the first one, and was equal in excitement. Feinstein wrote a masterpiece, without a doubt. I not only think that this touched the hearts of all athletes, but the LGBTQ community as well. Just the idea of a gay athlete in this book is surprising, but it kind of opened myself a little more and not just to rely on stereotypes to judge people. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this before, but all people can be whatever they want, just if they put their minds to it. However, I was kind of surprised how Alex and his friends dealt with finding out Max’s secret. Any other people would think he was a freak. However, I respect that Feinstein wrote it in a way that respected the LGBTQ.

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Crossover, by Kwame Alexander

Review by Ethan Romer Josh Bell is a 7th grade basketball phenom.  His crossover got him named the Daily News MVP.  He and his brother, JB, are the son of famous basketball star Chuck “Da Man” Bell.  Their middle school basketball team is cruising along at undefeated while the boys are getting good grades.  All […]

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Sky Raiders, by Brandon Mull

Review by Ethan Romer Cole Randolph is your average kid.  He likes to hang out with his friends, especially on Halloween.  When the group heads to the nearby haunted house their lives change forever.  Slavers from a different world kidnap the kids from the haunted house and take them too the Outskirts.  Later in the […]

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